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5 Benefits of Studying Abroad While Practicing Martial Arts

The martial arts are demanding, and they require patience, dedication and superb mental capacity in order to be successful at them. If you practice in the martial arts, you can further enhance your mental power by studying

Earning the Belt!

While the vast majority of martial arts uses some form of belt system to show the advancement of a pupil to a higher level of knowledge and skill, they do not all use the exact same system.

Sports/Martial Arts: Martial Arts as School-Related Stress Relief

School related stress has unfortunately increased with more pressure being put on students to excel so that they can land lucrative jobs in MNCs. The long hours and tight schedules involved, not forgetting interpersonal conflict which can

Sports/ Martial Arts: How to Maintain That Stance

The most fundamental position in any martial arts is the fighting stance. When done right, this stance allows for fluid and strong movements and an effortless transfer of energy from the body to the limit. Whether you

Most Popular Types of Martial Arts

Martial Arts is an ancient art of combat practice that comes with rich heritage and traditions. The students of martial arts are taught discipline, self-defense, health and fitness, competition and off course, how to fight. Here are

4 Reasons to Practise Fitness Your Way Through University

Practising fitness in university is excellent for the spirit, body and mind. Plus, participating in physical team sports helps cultivated leadership, dedication and accountability character traits that will prove important as you make your way through university

Martial Arts: Deadliest Styles

Some Martial Arts are practiced in order to reap the benefits of increased quality of life and overall health yet there is a large community of those who are fully committed to the practice and community. In

Taekwondo: Why is it the Most Practiced?

In a world where there is an increased interest in physical activity, discipline, socialization and self preservation, Martial Arts has become a recent phenomenon. Taekwondo is one of the most popular and possibly most practiced in the

Muay Thai: Art of Eight Limbs

The traditional forms of Martial Arts can be traced back to many eastern Countries. These traditional skills have been passed down from generation to generation. These forms of art have been established as a core part of

Martial Arts For Everyone: Tai Chi

Want to be involved in something and feel part of a group? If you are looking to improve your discipline and health, Tai Chi is the Martial Art for you. Tai Chi is offered worldwide and have