Muay Thai: Art of Eight Limbs

four_seasons_boxingThe traditional forms of Martial Arts can be traced back to many eastern Countries. These traditional skills have been passed down from generation to generation. These forms of art have been established as a core part of their culture and have become highly respected although highly violent. Muay Thai originates from Thailand and is another form of Martial Arts that is high in physical intensity and violent actions.

Muay Thai is described as using eight limbs because in Thailand they include the knees and elbows as limbs in their methods and practices. This art is heavily weighted on the use of punching and kicking using every piece of the extremities. Knee strikes can be especially devastating and inflict severe injury when enforced on the opponent in the proper area. Although this sport is deeply rooted in ancient tradition, it has been modified and practiced heavily in modern times. The lack of protective gear such as gloves or pads make this sport especially dangerous in comparison to other versions of Martial Arts.

The Marine Corps Martial Arts program has been developed and specialized for individuals going to war and dangerous territories. This is a great example of how modern programs have taken vital aspects of different Martial Arts in order to develop a more effective program for use. When the program is directly targeted to a group with specific goals it is especially successful. The use of Martial Arts in the Marine Corps is a prime example of the discipline and strength that can be obtained through its practice.

All forms of Martial Arts provide multifaceted benefits, whether you choose a low impact program or one with high physical intensity, you will increase skills in all areas of life. Integrating Martial Arts into a regular routine proves to provide benefits that include confidence, mastery, autonomy and overall improved health. Don’t miss out by finding a program near you.