Sports/ Martial Arts: How to Maintain That Stance

the-fighting-stanceThe most fundamental position in any martial arts is the fighting stance. When done right, this stance allows for fluid and strong movements and an effortless transfer of energy from the body to the limit. Whether you are into athletics, martial arts or any other physical activity, there is no harm in having the perfect stance as it will only make you better in what you do.

In many cases, an offender sacrifices his stance so he or she can get a grip on his opponent or even land a blow. However, the most important thing to remember, especially in martial arts is that the primary goal of combat is to weaken an opponent’s stance or position while at the same time strengthening yours.

The stance is often the starting position in all martial arts moves. Here are some great tips on how to maintain the stance.

The foot stance

Feet play a vital role in determining one’s balance. The more an artist can control and feel their feet, the better the position they are going to be in when completing their expression – moving, punching or kicking. The best foot stance involves staggered feet that are slightly wider than the hips with the body weight distribution being equal between the legs.

Taut tummy and hip position

When in a fighting position, one should have some tension in their abs with the pelvis positioned right under the shoulders for a better defense stance. The last thing one wants is to receive a hit on a relaxed tummy.

Head stance

A proper head stance protects one from a broken nose or even a knockout. The chin should be directly in contact with the collarbone with the head slightly tilted forward with the arms raised to protect it when being attacked.

These three tips will help improve your martial artist’s stance.