Sports/Martial Arts: Martial Arts as School-Related Stress Relief

School related stress has unfortunately increased with more pressure being put on students to excel so that they can land lucrative jobs in MNCs. The long hours and tight schedules involved, not forgetting interpersonal conflict which can greatly affect a student’s physical as well as emotional well being.

Scientific studies by the National Institute of Mental Health show that chronic stress that is common among students can cause insomnia, migraines, irritability and even lead to depression if not addressed in good time.

Physical exercise is one of the most potent and proven forms of school related stress relief while completing your bachelors. Martial arts in particular not only helps kick stress, but it also builds discipline that is very important in any student’s life.

The benefits of martial arts can make you as good a performer as you are in the gym.

Mental health

mental-healthAside from conditioning your body, martial arts also strengthen a person’s mind. Taekwondo is the most practiced martial arts among students as it helps them calm their minds while at the same time forcing their minds to remain focused and pay attention to their surroundings. This mindset when applied in a class setting helps students achieve better results as they are able to concentrate better and longer in their studies.

Physical health

Martial Arts is an intensive exercise and challenges the body to become stronger. A healthy body will be in a better position to tackle life’s problems compared to a weak and eternally fatigued body.

Social health

Martial Arts allow students to meet other like minded students with whom they can extend the relationship they have in the gym to their studies and social life. How a person treats their sparring partner translates into how they treat other people whom they interact with outside the ring, that is, with respect.

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