Taekwondo: Why is it the Most Practiced?

taekwondoIn a world where there is an increased interest in physical activity, discipline, socialization and self preservation, Martial Arts has become a recent phenomenon. Taekwondo is one of the most popular and possibly most practiced in the entire world. The nature of the sport is heavily rooted in being a deadly form of combat and the name is a translation for the terms kicking and punching.

There is evidence to show that Taekwondo is one of the oldest forms of Martial Arts and have been practiced by the most individuals over time. Since the legs can extend the furthest from their vital organs they became one of the best weapons to nurture and train. The art is highly emphasized on kicking and historically has been beneficial when facing opponents who practice arts that are more focused on punching. The leg can also provide increased momentum and muscular power that can result in devastating hits to their opponent.

Originating in Korea, Taekwondo integrated weapons to highlight their physical skills and have popularized some of the more unusual weapon product. The weapons are to emphasize a preexisting skill and under practiced individuals are usually inept with one of these weapons in their hands. Skill and practice is required at every level of Taekwondo and there is a strong sense of discipline and order surrounding the program. Teachers will instil respect of the rules and push individuals to be better at the craft while highlighting the depth of these abilities. When armed with the ability to inflict extreme pain on an opponent, it is important to only use these skills in the appropriate space.

When yielding the skills of Taekwondo you will be met with endless benefits that include self confidence, improved health and increased competency. Take the opportunity to build your confidence and find a Taekwondo teacher near you.