There are many types of martial arts that can be traced back through history, each offering a holistic set of traits and numerous multidimensional learning opportunities. Different styles are taught at specific gyms or spaces and multiple types are often offered at the same recreational facility. They are often divided by focus, origin or the physical nature of the art.

Historically, martial arts can be described as folk wrestling and offered many benefits to communities in past years. Since then, the arts have been regulated as sport and divided into distinct groupings with specific mantras and mores. There are more modern forms available as well as traditional forms. Many teachers are qualified in more than one art or adapt their method to a specific program. Teachers in the martial arts community are thoroughly practiced and highly educated in the sport, allowing for a truly multidimensional learning experience for any novice martial artist.

The top styles of martial arts include Judo, Kickboxing and Karate. Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Wrestling and Boxing. These are some of the most practiced forms of ancient martial arts but many lose sight of the fact that many are non contact activities. Some individuals who shy away from martial arts have not been educated that programs such as Tai Chi and Karate have multiple benefits and can be utilized to different extents by different individuals. Physical sport such as wrestling and boxing has clear popularity in modern culture for its blatant physical nature yet when practiced there are many disciplines and benefits that are obtained through the practice of physical martial arts.

Martial Arts is a large part of historical Chinese philosophy which integrates five elements. These five elements are the core benefits of the educational and physical learning curve of any practitioner advanced or novice. There are hand movements, breathing, responses, partner programs and self defence techniques. Each of these facets of martial arts makes this sport a valuable addition to any lifestyle.